Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Health app Info : Accessing Medical Records via Android Apps - Phone Reviews

Android mobile devices are extremely popular
and have made accessing a great deal of
information quickly possible. They are easy to
use, and can make even saving a life possible.
There are millions of apps available for the
Android phones that can be used to help
education people and offer a large amount of
accessibility to those that may need to have
instant access to a specific type of
Android Apps
There is literally millions of Android apps that
are available on the market today. Some are
helpful such as the navigational apps, dining
apps, calculators, and so much more. Other
apps are just created in order to pass the time
such as many of the gaming apps that are
currently available for your Android and the
dozens more that are being created every day.
There are also apps that can help save a life.
There are apps that can teach you how to do
the Heimlich maneuver, CPR apps, and first aid
apps. These apps can walk you through the
process of having to perform some of these
tasks on yourself or another individual, and in a
pinch they can save your life or someone close
to you.
The Android mobile device is a great thing to
have, and it can be used for all different types
of purposes. It is a cross between a phone and
a computer, hence the name Smartphone. The
Android has even taken it one step further and
has become an excellent source for
professionals such as doctors. Doctors no
longer have to lug around tape records to
record their notes, or try to read the scribble
on a medical chart. There is now the possibility
for doctors to make notes and access
information via a Smartphone or tablet. This is
not only extremely convenient, but it is much
more efficient on time and accessibility.
Medical Records
A patient’s medical records could be
considered their lifeline. It gives a doctor all of
the information that they need in order to help
treat a patient. It has medical history, types of
medications, allergies, reason for visit, issues,
concerns, and treatments. It is a great source
for anyone that may be working with a patient
such as a doctor or nurse. A lot of information
in a patient’s medical records are extremely
important, and having instant access to the
records for a doctor could me the difference
between life and death of a patient.
Now, there are apps available that will allow
you to access the medical records of an
individual patient. These records are not open
to the public, and the doctor must have an
account, which is authorized by the company.
The doctor will need the have the app
downloaded to their mobile device and have am
up-to-date account in order to access patient
information. The doctor will be able to
research the patient by name, or can scan the
barcode that appears on their wristband in
order to track down the medical records. It is
a great way to get the information that a
doctor may need in a hurry, but does not
sacrifice the patience/doctor confidentiality.

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