Monday, October 8, 2012

Hungry Jack's Makes It Better - Android Apps on Google Play

Back in May, Hungry Jack’s told us it was
“considering” an Android version of its iOS
app, which offers on-the-spot discount
vouchers. That “consideration” has now
become burgerlicious reality.

The Android app replicates the functionality of
the iOS version, which means you can score
on-the-spot discounts provided you’re
willing to check in to the app via Facebook. Me,
I’d be heading for the nutrition calculator
first. That said, there are clearly plenty of
bargain-loving takeout fiends; according to
Hungry Jack’s, the iOS app has been
downloaded more than 400,000 times.

Download this App Here :
Hungry Jack's Makes It Better - Android Apps on Google Play

Android Apps Of The Week: Treater, Space Images, and More | Gizmodo UK

Whatever your plans for the weekend may be,
your phone will probably be with you. So fire
that puppy up and get ready for some new apps
to download. We've got plenty for you in this
round of the week's best Android apps including
Zaxxon and Space Images.

Treater: Wednesday was my mom's birthday,
and I almost forgot to send a gift. Everyone's
been in that boat before, and in those dire
times when you risk being a perceived as a
horrible daughter, apps like Treater are
especially necessary. You can send a gift, and
to redeem it, the recipient can just flash their phone to the cashier. Free

Read More Here :
Android Apps Of The Week: Treater, Space Images, and More | Gizmodo UK

App Info : The puzzle of Android's delayed changeover from Gingerbread | Technology News from

Something odd has happened to Android.
While its growth rate continues to grow (yes, a
second-order change; sales are accelerating),
we aren't seeing the changing of the guard
from the older version to the newer one that
we have over the past two years - such as
the end of 2010, when "Froyo" (version 2.2)
replaced "Eclair" (version 2.1) and then the end
of 2011 when Froyo was replaced by
"Gingerbread" (version 2.3).

Going by the statistics shown on Google's
platform versions page (which shows the
version of Android being used by devices
connecting to Google Play in the two weeks up
to 1 October, and is revised monthly),
Gingerbread has been the most-used version
of Android since November 2011. At that point
it was running on 42% of devices connecting to
Google Play (then the Android Market), just
passing the 40.9% using Froyo.

Read More Here :
The puzzle of Android's delayed changeover from Gingerbread | Technology |

App Info : Maluuba Android App Review - Siri alternative for Android

iPhone users may have Siri, but Android users
have Maluuba. Reading that sentence may make
you realize that personal assistant apps are
doomed to ridiculous names, but that doesn’t
change the potential they have for improving
our day-to-day experiences with our phones.

Developer Maluuba, for which the app is named,
has developed a powerful Siri alternative for
the Android platform that is sure to make all
of your iPhone friends jealous.
Opening Maluuba takes you to a search page
with two options, you can either tap the
microphone tile to ask a question, or tap the
type tile to enter a question manually. Tapping
the microphone tile will elicit a chime
announcing that Maluuba is now listening to
your voice, and a responsive graphic will open
at the bottom of the screen showing the
volume at which Maluuba hears you. After you
ask a question your words, as Maluuba heard
them, will appear in place of the sound graphic
while it retrieves your information.

Read More Here :
Maluuba Android App Review - Siri for Android - Tapscape

App Info : TomTom launches offline navigation app for Android

TomTom has released a new navigation app for
Android devices. Though TomTom is one of the
most well known providers of maps for
different SatNav services, the app that the
company has released for Android feels rather
incomplete, mostly because of the lack of
support for devices that have a resolution of
more than 854 x 480.

One of the main features of the app is that
it’s an offline navigation app. It helps keep
data costs in control as you don’t need to
be connected to the Internet to be able to use
the navigation functionality efficiently. You
simply have to download the offline map files
through Wi-Fi, and then you’ll be good to go for navigation in low data signal areas.

Read More Here :
TomTom launches offline navigation app for Android

Tech Unbelievable : Android app releases 760,000 users’s personal data, contacts online

A Japanese smartphone app for Android-
powered devices has reportedly leaked the
personal data of some 760,000 users on the
internet. The address book application, Zenkoku
Denwacho (“Nationwide Address Book”),
was reported to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police
Department on Saturday by NetAgent Co., an
information security company, for the breach
of user privacy. The application’s developer
has stated that the leak was only temporary,
and the data has already been deleted, however
the Tokyo police say they are still planning an
The latest version of the application has been
available for free on Google’s Android
platform since September. Its main function is
to allow users to search for information that
is published in telephone companies address
books, like those from Nippon Telegraph and
Telephone Corp., for example. The application
also allows for the exchanging of personal data
between users, like the names, addresses, and
phone numbers in their personal address books,
through a rented server.

Read More Here :
Android app releases 760,000 users’s personal data, contacts online - The Japan Daily Press




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